Q: Are your facilities audited by independent bodies and store groups?


A: Yes we have been audited by Bureau Veritas and credited by Sedex. We have a strict health and safety, environmental, fair trade & ethical policy at our facility.


Q: Are we able to visit your premises?


A: Yes you are welcome to visit us at a time booked in with your nominated account partner, however you may not be given access to all our facilities to protect trade secrets.


Q: Are you agents of print or 3rd party printers?


A: No we operate directly from OUR facilities, we house all the technology needed to produce your product. We understand customer needs and you will deal with us directly.


Q: What sort of images and files should I send ?


A: Please log onto - we have Artwork guidelines here in the download section. Please refer to these and if you are unsure of anything, please contact us.




Q: What is screen printing?


A: Screen printing is a process though which ink is mechanically applied to a substrate via the use of a screen and squeegee.


Q: What is spot-colour printing?


A: Spot-Colour is the term used to describe separation and printing with one ink color for every color in the design. Each colour that makes up the composite image will be printed using a separate screen.


Q: What is 4-color process printing?


A: 4-color process is a more advanced separation and printing technique that uses 4 colours of transparent ink to produce the colours from the original design. The four colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black ( CMYK ), are printed as halftones that interact with each other and the white background of the shirt to create color and tonal values. A wide spectrum of colours can be represented but some colors are impossible to produce.
4-color process is used mostly for photographic or digitally created designs because many shades and colours can be created with only four screens. High screen counts and screen frequencies are required to create the tiny halftone dots. One drawback to 4-color process is that the garment must be white and pastel colours.


Q: How many colors can you print?


A: Strictly speaking, we can print six different ink colors at a time. However, we use several techniques to increase the number of perceived colors in a print. We can produce full color prints on both light and dark colored garments. ( See "What is 4 colour process?’’ )


Q: What is an under base print?


A: An under base is a layer of ink, usually white, that is printed under the other ink colors when printing dark garments. When printing most colors on dark garments the color of the shirt will show through the ink slightly. For instance, yellow ink printed directly on a royal blue shirt will look very green. To prevent this, a thin layer of white ink is printed, then "flash" dried, and the yellow is printed on top. This gives the top colors a good neutral base and reduces or eliminates the shirt color showing through.


Q: What is flashing or flash drying/curing?


A: Flash curing is the process of "gelling" a layer of ink with a spot heating unit while still on the press. To "gel" the ink layer the temperature is raised to the point where the ink begins to dry but is not completely cured. The ink will be dry to the touch and will form a solid surface to print additional colors on. When the garment is run through the drier the flashed layer will cure completely and bond to the ink layers on top to form a solid film.


Q: What is the minimum amount of prints I have to do?


A: We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to minimum prints but clients understand that with larger volumes we are able to be very competitive within price brackets.


Q: Do you pack the products as well ?


A: Yes we have facilities to pack all types of products. Please state to your account manager what your requirements are and we can make this possible.


Q: What are your lead times?


A: This is dependant on quantity and design involved, please contact your sales manager at Meesha to provide an answer.




offers access to world-class resources for personal and professional growth.

At Meesha, you'll have the chance to take on challenging responsibilities, working with top-notch, professionals from around Europe and the world. You will be part of a design culture of excellence.
You would not be just working for a living; You will be part of a close knit team that's focused on producing the best quality product for fashion & retail markets.

People are central to Meesha Graphic’s growth strategy. A large in-house pool of intellectual capital is the driving force behind Meesha Group’s growth, and is one of its competitive advantages. We are a young company, and talent is drawn from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. .

We target the world market for talent, provide global perspectives on garment decoration and sublimation printing and have a team that resonates this with experience and results.
We have always endeavoured to create a workplace where every person can reach his or her full potential.




Q: What Is Sublimation Printing?


A: For all information on Sublimation printing and processes – Please log on to our dedication Sublimation Printing website


Q: What are your sample lead times?


A: Samples – dependent on the complexity may take anything from 2- 8 days to completion.


Q: Do you pack the products as well ?


A: Yes we have facilities to pack all types of products. Please state to your account manager what your requirements are and we can make this possible.


Q: What is the capacity of production?


A: We are able to screen print 80,000 pcs per week on a normal shift and Sublimate 100,000 garments per week.


If you have any other questions,

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. – We are more than happy to help.




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